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My name is Abbey and I am originally from Huddersfield, West-Yorkshire but I’ve been living in Barcelona for the last 7 years. I used to be a primary teacher and then had a change of career around 5 years ago, moving into HR and the corporate world.  Now I have had a taste of that I realise it’s not for me and I am moving into Coaching.  This really came about after my very first Ayahuasca retreat where it became very clear for me that my current job, although interesting and fun, is not aligned with my soul.

“I realise that was such a mental prison inside my own head”

My biggest struggle before doing my first Ayahuasca retreat was that I was getting my sense of value by DOING rather than just BEING.  What I mean by this is that I felt that I had to be productive and achieve things in order to earn love, both from my self and others.  Now I realise that was such a mental prison inside my own head.  I now see that love flows forth from me abundantly and is reciprocated by everyone I come into contact with. I feel it.  It is a living energy that I wasn’t aware of before.   Looking back I didn’t allow myself to believe that I could be, or even needed to be, transformed.  But now, 5 months on, I see how much progress I’ve made since February.  Other notice this two and have told me I have an aura around me; that I’m glowing.

Ayahuasca Retreat UK

“Ayahuasca helped me see that by showing me my own patterns of behavior and bringing them to light so I could transform them. “

The Ayahuasca retreat specifically helped me overcome my feeling of separateness from others by showing me very clearly that we are all one. As they say in Quechuan – the aboriginal language of Peru – “Ayllu Masikunapa – we are all one.”  During the ceremony, I felt the meaning of unconditional love for the first time in my life and I felt a very deep connection with all forms of life. Ayahuasca helped me see that by showing me my own patterns of behavior and bringing them to light so I could transform them. It also showed me how blocked I was emotionally and now I am able to feel a much fuller range of emotions and to share them with others.

Ayahuasca Retreat UK

The ayahuasca retreat and the team are pure love and light.  They are there to look after your every need – from coaches to help you integrate your experience; to a vegan chef who caters for every intolerance and allergy; to a masseur to release any tension you might have arrived with.  I am in touch with every one of them now on a regular basis and they are a part of my life.  More than anything, they have your best interests at heart and they want you to feel very safe while you experience this transformational journey.

Ayahuasca Retreat UK

“We are transforming ourselves so we can transform the world. “

I highly recommend joining ayahuasca retreat, because from my research I have found no other Ayahuasca retreat in Europe that offers you such a bespoke service and attention to detail. really is the healing hub of Europe and when you come you will most likely see me there because Sacred Plant Medicine is now an important part of my life.  I knew Ayahusca would iron out my emotional kinks but I didn’t realise it would be the most profound spiritual experience of my life.  Once you have experienced that there is no going back.  We are transforming ourselves so we can transform the world. See you there!

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