Our Wildest Dream

Our wildest dream is to raise consciousness of humankind, so we together can create a world that is based on love, compassion and oneness. 

There are many paths to the same destination and we are inclusive of all spiritual practices. Having deep respect for diverse traditions, our holistic approach is based on complementarity.

Our tribe follows a simple principle: Experiment first and then share. As a result of extensive search, we are sharing with You what is continuously helping us to experience life at its fullest.

We truly wish that Your journey with us brings all that You’ve been searching for.

Avalon.love tribe

Meet our Ayahuasca Retreats Shamans

Pitt Ewart

Born in Australia and comes from a background of Sufism and Yoga, as the basis of his trainings for more than 40 years. The work with Ayahuasca was a natural complimentary extension. His first ceremony fractured his world and provided an avalanche of deep revealing experiences that continually, with humility, remodel his understanding of all that exists. Previous years of training came in cohesion when working with the medicine. 

Pitt has since worked in and held more than 1000 ceremonies. Now he is traveling the world and holding ceremonies. In turn, journeying to Peru to gather further traditional experience in shamanic practice…

Eric van den Hove

Belgian-born, Columbian-based Shaman. ⁠Eric has more than 10 years of training in Colombia, and has received approval by different masters from indigenous tribes (Cofán, Siona and Muisca).⁠ 

He is someone that brings the ancient tradition of Muisca to the Western world acting as a bridge.⁠ ⁠His ceremonies normally start with a circle of word, where he shares ancestral knowledge about topics relevant to every one of us. This is followed by live medicine music and strong and grounded presence allowing deep healing work.

Meet our Tribe

Gintare Petrauskaite

ARCHETYPE: Warrior Queen. Mother and Medicine Woman. At the service to the Earth. Her daughters. And her sons. Sacred sexuality and divine feminine rising.

ROLE: Co-Founder. Guardian of sacred ceremony space. Coaching and integration. Sacred feminine circles.

PERSONAL JOURNEY:  My story, I guess, was similar to that of many. I remember myself as this little girl trying to find her way, forge herself into someone accepted in this society.⁠ And all I was left with was this feeling of emptiness, while living what some might call a perfectly successful life. Sleepless nights, with a hurting heart that was asking to be loved…

Marlene Hellthaler

ARCHETYPE: Sacred plant medicine woman dancing with the fairies in the forest and talking to the higher beings in the universe

ROLE: Love Love Love. Guardian and musician of sacred ceremony space. Healing massage therapist. Healing Energy Sessions. Post retreat integration Coach.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: First time I have heard of Madre Ayahuasca was 7 years ago, when I travelled on my own to the jungle in Ecuador. I got poisoned very badly and two shaman did a energetical healing on me, the next day I was like new born, that was the moment I realized, I want to walk the shamanic path…

Inesa Scerbakova

ARCHETYPE: Medicine woman and Spiritual Warrior. Sage, seeker of truth & wisdom. Loyalty, courage & natural confidence.

ROLE: Facilitator. Space holder. Client experience. Coaching & integration. Sacred feminine circles.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: I used to be called a “tough child” who talks too much & asks too many questions. I had to observe plenty of trauma in my family. I never really knew what it means to receive a warm hug, what it means to be listened to & understood. I didn’t really know how LOVE feels like. Numbing my emotions, running away from pain, escaping my reality was something I was a master at…

Benjo Podlech

ARCHETYPE: Grounded tiger that pushes the limits to wake up the soul potential. Spiritual comedian. Creator of new versions.

ROLE: 10 years of experience with plant medicines. Guardian and musician of sacred ceremony space. Psychology, coaching and integration. Divine masculine circles.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: My mission in this life is to service to life. I’m a warrior and a guardian who protects life and its expressions, helping people all over the world to feel the sacredness of being alive…

Abbey Sykes

ARCHETYPE: Huntress – independent female spirit, representing a woman’s autonomy and the ability to pursue a life of one’s own choosing.

ROLE: Facilitator. Space holder of sacred ceremony space. Musician. Coaching and integration. Sacred feminine circles.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: My passion lies in helping people find their voice, both physically and metaphorically, and to live a life of radical self-expression. This has been my journey so far. My throat chakra was blocked for a long time and due to me not expressing myself or who I really was, I became ill…

Ecaterina Mihalcea

ARCHETYPE: Inner child. Feminine innocence.

ROLE: Access Bars. Coaching. Visionary of healing methods.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: For many years I found myself wrapped in a net of inflicting thoughts, generating seas of emotions within. I’ve been told millions of ways in which things can deteriorate in the world, but I always found million others that were exceptionally and uniquely loving and purposeful…

Kieran Rùsland

ARCHETYPE: Peaceful warrior. Silent wisdom. New beginnings.

ROLE: Guardian of sacred ceremony space and musician. Sound healer. Spiritual integration. Coaching.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: My path to wholeness in this lifetime involved many trials, tribulations and heart breaks. Chief among them was escaping my upbringing within a damaging cultic group. After a very long and turbulent journey, now, I offer assistance in reclaiming lost parts of yourself—fragmented in the past’s traumas of life…

Gabriel Sabou

ARCHETYPE: Noble altruist. Creativity and imagination.

ROLE: Healing massage therapist with an extensive knowledge of osteopathy and quiromassage techniques.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: My encounter with Madre Ayahuasca has entirely transformed my life. A couple of years ago I was stuck in a continuous search for something more while at the same time struggling with alcohol and over-eating. My first contact with the medicine has been very important because it showed me this part of me that…

Paul Arguelles

ARCHETYPE: Older brother. Protector with the biggest heart. Strong healthy masculine.

ROLE: Shamanic Breathwork and Meditation.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: I come from a very sporty but also educated family. I have fought professionally around 30 times all around the world, most notably winning at Max Muay Thai tournament in Thailand and Kunlun Fight in China.

Shorlty after these most notable events my career was ended in its prime due to a mystery sickness which was not helped at all by conventional methods, the doctors said that…

Nessy Haffani

ARCHETYPE: Unconditional lover. Unites and connects people by flow and pure love. 

ROLE: Spiritual host. Guardian of sacred ceremony space. Healing massage therapist.

PERSONAL JOURNEY:  I’ve always seen my life like a Disney movie, starting as an innocent little girl – playing and exploring, having a loving family, feeling safe, with a lot of dreams and hopes.
Then the drama started and turned everything that was beautiful into darkness and pain. A long journey of suffering pushed that innocent girl to build walls of protection and armour around her warm little heart so she could survive…

Cecile Ehlen

An experienced Rapé (tobacco plant) medicine woman & facilitator of sacred plant medicine ceremonies together with Eric Van Den Hove.

Andrés Trujillo

Also known as Sita Ie. Medicine musician of Muisca ancestral tradition formed by men and women sharing ancestral knowledge through the use of sacred plants, based in the center of Colombia. Holds ceremonies together with Eric Van Den Hove.