5 Ayahuasca Experiences in Europe & Spain

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The Ayahuasca Experience

Most people think of an Ayahuasca experience being in the Jungle or somewhere in South America. We are privileged to witness many wonderful Ayahuasca experiences in Europe and Spain—experiences of deep transformation and healing. Each experience is different, however, there are some common threads with people’s experiences in Spain.

Ayahuasca Experiences in Spain & Europe

“One of my favorite retreats I’ve been so far! The team created a truly sacred and safe space for healing and discovering oneself. Every element of the activities like yoga, conscious eating and plenty of hugs with people opened up my heart once and for all. Much love and appreciation to Avalon”—Karolina F.

“I was very hesitant to book this retreat since there were so few reviews and (for me) it was halfway around the world. So I took a leap of faith, and I am very happy I did. Avalon and all of the staff exceeded my expectations. They are very professional, loving people and take their craft very seriously. All of the details have been thought out so you can enjoy your stay and experience. They truly want to make the world and you better. If you are curious about the Ayahuasca experience and would like to see if it will help you on your journey, then you owe it to yourself to give it and Avalon a try. Both will take care of you and treat you with love. I hope to be back soon.”—Matthew G.

“Avalon was the most well-organized retreat when you think of doing Ayahuasca. Primarily for the first time you are so scared about the experience and afraid of the environment, you will be in. Avalon gave support at all times and participated in every individual person’s experience, counseling, and integrating into each one’s life. My experience was incredible. It was how it should have been and opened my eyes wide open. I was already aware and awake, but Ayahuasca was on a different level and connection to Mother Earth. I am happy for the person I have become, and I am proud of who I am. I am glad I have met all these loving beings which were part of my first experience. I have worked in my life since then, and life is a journey, which I am glad I am enjoying the walk. Looking forward to doing it again when time is right. Love you guys. Thank you.”—Raissa K.

“The Shaman selected by Alejandro and Gintaire was really excellent. Attention to detail and consistent care throughout the process was very evident. I felt very supported on this retreat by the entire team. The venue was in a perfect location in nature. This was my first Ayahuasca experience. It was a life-changing experience in the right environment with the right team to support me through it.”—Mik C.

“Ayahuasca has, in every sense, has changed my life and done wonders for me personally… But what a retreat!! I couldn’t imagine coming to a place I would, later on, call my home. Alejandro and Gintare are two amazing human beings and hosts. Everything from transportation to the super-food was 10/10. The ceremony couldn’t have been better, and I felt super comfortable and safe at all times. This is a no brainer. I’m coming back to the next retreat!!”—Hannes J.

Read More Ayahuasca Experiences

If you’re interested in reading more Ayahuasca experiences with Avalon ceremonies in Spain, you can find them on the Avalon Facebook Page or Reviews on Retreats Guru. Any questions about the experience, please contact us or check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Ayahuasca.

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