Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews

A truly magical experience, perfect in all aspects! I am so happy to have been connected to the Avalon team. It was exactly what I was looking for. Having done retreats in the past I was not expecting much, however, everything exceeded my expectations. Avalon team welcomed me into their family with open arms and hearts. The property was 5 star, the food was fantastic, the music was magical, the integration was incredible, the shaman was super skilled and open to all. Everything felt well organised and just right, which made us all feel safe and loved. The team went the extra mile and nothing felt fake or forced, you could feel that everyone had a genuine passion for what they do. We all worked as a big family, we created magical moments, we laughed together and cried together, we made friends for life and torn down all emotional walls and truly connected to our inner children, nature and each other. If you are looking for a life-changing experience, need gentle guidance or simply need to connect to other like-minded people in safe, beautiful surroundings I would strongly recommend you join Avalon family. I am sure can't wait to see them all again and I know many beautiful moments will be created in the near future.
Ayahuasca has in every sense has changed my life and done wonders for me personally... But what a retreat!! I couldn't imagine coming to a place I would, later on, call my home. Alejandro and Gintare are 2 amazing human beings and hosts. Everything from transportation to the super-food was 10/10. The ceremony couldn't have been better and I felt super comfortable and safe at all times. This is a no brainer. I'm coming back to the next retreat!!
There are no such things as miracle solutions for life. However the Avalon retreat I attended was big push in changing my life for the better. The various trips and journeys the magic medicine that ayauhausca is can take you on are unbelievably amazing and beautiful but difficult to explain with words. However they can also be done anywhere in the world so why come and take with Avalon? Because the integration of these psychedelic experiences is EVERYTHING, otherwise it is just a nice show. I met an amzaing group of people who i now consider my friends as we went through so much together in such a short time. I keep regular contact with these people and the organisers of the retreat and they really help me to continue on the right path and remember the lessons taught by mother ayahusca, to know that it wasnt all just a beautiful dream. This is what I mean about integration. I met psychologist Ben who has been a great help, Kieran who continues to support me be it with a song or some sound advice.These people help me remember what i saw, remember that love is everything and to behave in accordance with that. The food, accomodation and setting were absolutely fantastic, as was the yoga and other activites during the day. I really cant speak highly enough of the experience I had at Avalon and the members that make up the team. Nothing changes by staying the same, to feel how youve never felt before you must do something youve never done before...So take a step into the unkown surrounded by loving and experienced facilitators.
Amazing experience with truly wonderful people. If you are looking for a deep dive within your soul, to better understand and heal yourself, this is the perfect place. Alejandro, GIntare and their amazing team will make everything they can to make you happy. Thank you again, it was wonderful 🧡
Without any doubt, has been one of the best decisions of my life. The support during the retreat has been fundamental in my understanding and transcendence from my journey towards what I have called, my new life. I felt protected, loved and safe. A healing experience in all aspects: the magical food served, the people around me, massages, the activities..the views...everything Thanks AVALON
Avalon changed my life. Cannot say enough great things about Avalon. The whole team introduced me to a wide variety of experiences which completely changed my life. I visited them in Jan 2020 for a 3-day amazing stay and cannot say how great it was. I had done experiences in the past, but nothing compared to what they introduced me to. Not only are they knowledgeable, helpful, and thorough; but they are friendly, warm, peaceful, inspirational and a general joy to be around. After going to Avalon, I feel stronger, happier, more in love with others and with myself. Avalon made me feel I was at the right place and the right time. My soul thanks me to have chosen to go there. I cannot say enough great things about Avalon, the team and their methodologies. It is simply a life changer!
We all arrive at times in our lives when we need guidance, or an extra push, or to confront our fears before they get the better of us. More often than not, what we need is inside ourselves, if we can only unlock and reboot our minds. Avalon has given me the opportunity to do exactly this through a holistic wellness program, including sacred plant ceremonies that respect and celebrate the rich Amazonian culture from which they originate. And though much of your journey to growth and discovery is individual, it is never lonely, given the deep bond of friendship and support that emerges among the group and the Avalon team. I am ever grateful for the wonderful people I met there and for this experience - they will have an impact for the rest of my life!
Expectations surpassed! I was very hesitant to book this retreat, since it was half way around the world. So I took a leap of faith, and I am very happy I did. Avalon and all of the staff exceeded my expectations. They are very professional loving people and take there craft very seriously. All of the details have been thought out so you can enjoy your stay and experience. They truly want to make the world and you better. If you are curious about Ayahuasca and would like to see if it will help you on your journey then you owe it to yourself to give it and Avalon a try. Both will take care of you and treat you with love. I hope to be back soon.
Perfect. Love. Pure intentions. The words I write will not do justice to the nature of this experience. I’m grateful, present and allowed the peace that was always there it’s opportunity to shine. Aya called me to this retreat. Now I know why. When I entered I was nervous and apprehensive but also excited and open. I could not have imagined what was to happen. The structure was perfect. The staff are so there for you and themselves. Self aware and loving and kind and genuine. I discovered things about myself that seem so obvious. It was shown in the most perfect way. I finally understood. It’s not just the medicine. It’s the love. It’s the people. I’s the food made with love. It’s the sharing and integration circles it’s the guidance it’s the after care and connectedness. I’m grateful. I’m grateful I have the opportunity to write this review. I’m grateful for every struggle in my life that lead me to this path. I’m grateful to you reading this now. Because I know. I know how hard it can feel I know how frustrating it can feel to not find answers or understand. Aya alone is not a wonder medicine. She’s just the perfect guide and mother who will be there when she’s ready to show you. To be treated with respect but also acceptance. So much love for these people and their work. So much love for you reading this. I love you exactly where you’re at right now.
Life-changing! I have just returned from my first retreat with Avalon.love and it has changed my life on many levels. My intention was to iron out the trauma of past experiences but what I didn't expect was to feel unconditional love for everyone and everything and to come away with a deep interior peace which is still with me today. I connected with every single member of the group in way that was unknown to me before and I am left feeling very grateful to the team for this experience which is only the first of many to come.
One of my favourite retreats I’ve been so far! The team created a truly sacred and safe space for healing and discovering one-self. Every element of the activities like yoga, conscious eating and plenty of hugs with people opened up my heart once and for all. Much love and appreciation to AVALON
They put heart into it. It was an unforgettable experience that will always bring warm memories. The team created a trust atmosphere from the beginning, they helped us with open hearts and have made us all feel like family. Everything was great: the ceremonies, all activities, the food, the location. I fully recommend Avalon as a guiding team during such a transformational experience.
It has been one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. I always felt safe and the team was beyond helpful. Thank you for the integration process and daily workshops, It helped me a lot and it was super fun. The food was out of this world prepared with a lot of care ! Lastly the grounds and accommodation was top class, very comfy beds. I cannot recommend Avalon team enough for their love and support through the whole time.
I can’t find enough words to thank to these beautiful souls that changed completely my life! Together with Eric,an incredible person not only shaman and Cecile, such a warm and inspiring soul, they managed not just to put a smile on my face after so many years suffering of depression but actually to make me understand what makes me happy, how important is to protect that feeling and to be grateful for every joy I feel in my life! Thank you for everything Avalon
Wow. My journey has been a long one but to sum it all up, and it’s far from over, this is just the beginning because I have had a complete rebirth. I feel like a new person full of joy, happiness, love, knowledge and life I’m excited about living live and sharing what I have with people and being so grateful for what Mother Earth gives us. I feel blessed and so fortunate to have been give the opportunity to have this in my life. I gained a new family that I know will be with me for the rest of my journey. Thank you all you beautiful souls and thank you Mother Earth. So much love.complete rebirth. I feel like a new person full of joy, happiness, love, knowledge and life I’m excited about living live and sharing what I have with people and being so grateful for what Mother Earth gives us. I feel blessed and so fortunate to have been give the opportunity to have this in my life. I gained a new family that I know will be with me for the rest of my journey. Thank you all you beautiful souls and thank you Mother Earth. So much love.
Life changing experience! I am sending a huge appreciation to the team and their work to make everything possible and for creating the space for such a wonderful and deep healing experience. There was no detail that the team has not thought about, thing that made everything be absolutely perfect. Besides that, I have met incredible people, which are now close to my heart. What an enriching experience from all points of view! Thank you with all my heart and can’t wait to see you guys again for another round
I had participated with a group once and the difference was night and day. Last year, there were 12 people with two helpers and not a strong presence of integration/healing support. Plus, even though the shaman was great, it was too rigid. This year, Avalon provided an outstanding staff with a holistic cook and menu, a masseur, yoga, a psychology counselor as well. Group sessions were held to discuss what was experienced the night before as well. Other group sessions were held with men and women separate to discuss divine masc/fem energies. Eric, the shaman, was free spirited with stories and the medicine allowing people to play with the medicine and freely express themselves. Everything happened at Avalon that was preordained in our soul contracts and it was fucking beautiful! Gintare and Alejandro did a fabulous job organizing this retreat and I would do it again!!​
Elevate your spirit, don't be scared, it is all alright Avalon was the most well organised retreat, when you think of doing ayahuaska mainly for the first time you are so scared about the experience and most of times afraid of the environment you will be in. Avalon gave support at all times and participated of every individual person experiences, counselling and integrating to each one's life. My experience was incredible, it was how it should have been and openned my eyes wide open. I was already aware and awake but ayahuaska was in a different level and connection to Mother Earth. I am happy for the person I have become and I am proud to who I am. I am glad I have met all these loving beings which were part of my first experience. I have worked in my life since then and life is a journey... which I am glad I am enjoying the walk. Looking forward to doing it again when time is right. Love you guys
The Shaman selected by Alejandro and Gintare was really excellent. Attention to detail and consistent care throughout the process was very evident. I felt very supported on this retreat by the entire team. The venue was in a perfect location in the nature. This was my first ayahuasca experience. It was a life changing experience in right environment with the right team to support me through it.​