5 Ayahuasca Experiences in Europe & Spain

ayahuasca experience ceremony

The Ayahuasca Experience Most people think of an Ayahuasca experience being in the Jungle or somewhere in South America. We are privileged to witness many wonderful Ayahuasca experiences in Europe and Spain—experiences of deep transformation and healing. Each experience is different, however, there are some common threads with people’s experiences in Spain. Ayahuasca Experiences in […]

Prepare Your Mind for Ayahuasca

The more you prepare your body and mind before an ayahuasca ceremony, the more your soul and spirit will benefit. In another post, we talk about how to prepare your body through a conscious ayahuasca diet. Respect & Reverence for Ayahuasca Approach ayahuasca and plant medicines with respect. These plants have been on earth for […]

The Best Ayahuasca Diet: what to eat and not eat before Ayahuasca

ayahuasca diet

Why should we follow an Ayahuasca Diet? We highly recommend following a traditional Amazonian Ayahuasca diet to properly prepare for Your journey. This diet will cleanse your body to ensure you will get the most out of your experience. By working with the plants, we not only access the biological healing properties of the plant […]

Surrender & Ask for Help with Plant Medicines

The best advice I ever received when experiencing the healing power of sacred plant medicines is: surrender to the experience. Surrender is often interpreted as a weakness. However, that’s only one way to use the word. Surrendering in this context means letting go of your resistance to the total openness of who you are. Letting […]