How Do I Know If I am Ready for Ayahuasca?


Do you feel the need for emotional, physical, or spiritual healing? Are you the one whose life lacks harmony and balance? If yes, all these things can be achieved through Ayahuasca, a psychoactive brew. Know if you are ready to embrace the extraordinary healing effects of this plant-based medicine. Ayahuasca is made up of two […]

How Can Ayahuasca Help?

How Can Ayahuasca Help?

Are you wondering how plant-based traditional medicine ayahuasca can benefit you? Well, a growing number of studies suggest that ayahuasca can help people heal their mental and emotional health. Learn how this hallucinogenic beverage can change your way of life. Ayahuasca is an ancient brew made up of two primary components – β-carboline and tryptamine […]

What is DMT?


There is a strong connection between our mind, body, and our energetic & spiritual needs. A healthy human body makes its own DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) naturally which is often responsible for euphoria and other feel-good experiences. However, there are some other sources to consume DMT as well, one of which is ayahuasca. Let’s understand what DMT […]

What is Ayahuasca?


The world is talking about ayahuasca, it’s magic-like therapeutic benefits, ceremonies, retreats, and whatnot. If you are yet to learn about this life-altering brew and its healing experiences, here’s what you need to know.  Ayahuasca is an ancient medicinal brew made up of the leaves of the Psychotria Viridis (also known as chacruna leaf) mixed […]

Why You Should Do Ayahuasca


What are the real benefits that you can experience with ayahuasca? How can ayahuasca affect the physical and mental health of humans? Is there any side effect involved? Let’s seek answers, right here. Ayahuasca is a personal experience, and so, the answers to these questions may vary from person to person. For those who are […]

Abbey from the UK – Ayahuasca experience


My name is Abbey and I am originally from Huddersfield, West-Yorkshire but I’ve been living in Barcelona for the last 7 years. I used to be a primary teacher and then had a change of career around 5 years ago, moving into HR and the corporate world.  Now I have had a taste of that […]

The Collective Purge

collective purge

Humanity, along with Earth, is going through a collective purge. This is happening through our heart centres (volcanic eruptions for Earth). By surfacing of all the painful emotions, we have the opportunity to bring awareness to them and let them out of our systems. Time has come to address the shadows within. Those who are […]