Prepare Your Mind for Ayahuasca

The more you prepare your body and mind before an ayahuasca ceremony, the more your soul and spirit will benefit.

In another post, we talk about how to prepare your body through a conscious ayahuasca diet.

Respect & Reverence for Ayahuasca

Approach ayahuasca and plant medicines with respect. These plants have been on earth for much longer than humans, they hold ancient wisdom about this reality. When we hold them with respect, we position our minds to receive from them rather than demand with expectations. The following practices can help us in approaching these plants with respect.

Intention Setting with Ayahuasca

Intention setting is being clear about why you want to work with ayahuasca and plant medicines. Before the ceremony, spend some time answering these questions for yourself.
  • What do you seek to learn/understand?
  • What’s calling you?
  • How do you feel today (or the day of the ceremony)
  • How do you feel about life?
  • What’s difficult for you at the moment?
Ultimately, your intention is an answer to the question: “Why have I decided to work with ayahuasca?” Before the ceremony have your intention(s) clear in your mind. Learn more about how we create a safe setting for ayahuasca retreats in Spain and Europe.

Expectations with Ayahuasca

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” – Alexander Pope

Expectations for what will or will not happen can often create barriers to how the plant wishes to move through us. Removing expectations opens us up to receive guidance in the way the plant wishes to communicate with us. Everyone’s experience will be different and each ceremony is a new experience. We allow the plant to do its work by positioning our minds to receive.


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