• Shared Twin Room with a private bathroom – €1,800.00
  • Shared Twin Room with a shared bathroom – €1,800.00
  • King Room for 2 with a private bathroom – €3,600.00
  • Private Room with a private bathroom – €3,000.00

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Call: +34 671 227 572‬

6 days holistic Ayahuasca Retreat in Barcelona Europe

Team: Pitt Ewart, Gintare Petrauskaite, Alejandro Carbó, Benjo Podlech, Kieran Rùsland, Ecaterina Mihalcea, Carla Escobar, Nessy Hafani, Gabriel Sabou and Paul Arguelles

August 11 - 16, 2020

Avalon.love takes you on a holistic self-discovery and deep healing journey combining ancient wisdom of sacred plant Ayahuasca with a strong integration program and personalized care:

Your experience includes:

  • 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies by experienced (>10 years) Shamans trained in Colombia (Muisca tradition) or Peru (Shipibo tradition)
  • 4 Rapé ceremonies (dried tobacco powder) – clearing the mind and cleansing the body and energy field, used in a combination with Ayahuasca
  • 4 Integration workshops with a trained psychologist, combining diverse and creative methods, such as sharing circles, writing, art therapy and ecstatic dance
  • 1 Individual coaching, designed to integrate your unique experience into your daily life and ensure lasting change
  • 1 Shamanic Breathwork
  • 1 Healing Massage 
  • 4 Yoga and meditation sessions suitable for all levels
  • 1 Masculine and Feminine circle
  • 1 Access Bars – energetic therapy facilitating release of limiting beliefs
  • 12 meals prepared fresh daily from organic local sources in an Ayahuasca friendly manner
  • 5 Food awareness workshops
  • 5 nights luxurious and spacious accommodations
  • Transport service from/to Barcelona airport or center

You will also enjoy:

  • A protected property with 650.000 m2 of elegant gardens surrounded by two natural lakes and a river
  • Stunning and spacious ceremonial space with comfortable beds and big windows towards the nature
  • Access to our private on-site pool
  • Easily accessible location in Europe (Barcelona) with direct flights from most of bigger cities
  • High facilitator-to-guest ratio.  A team of 18 will ensure that You feel supported at all times.
  • Personal support before and after the retreat – You will have a personal Avalon.love family member assigned, to guide You through the preparation and integration
  • Ceremonies in an especially safe setting, with individualized attention from our healers. Our “night” team consists of 6 experienced sacred space guardians and musicians.
  • Ceremonies filled with live “medicine” music: a combination of multiple instruments and voices
  • Lifelong access to Avalon.love community, activities and support system
  • High speed wifi (although we encourage our guests to disconnect as much as possible)


Pitt Ewart
Born in Australia and comes from a background of Sufism and yoga, as the basis of his trainings for more than 40 years. The work with Ayahuasca was a natural complimentary extension. His first ceremony fractured his world and at the same time it provided an avalanche of deep revealing…
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Gintare Petrauskaite
Archetype: Warrior Queen. Mother and Medicine Woman. At the service to Gaia (Earth) and Madre Ayahuasca. Her daughters. And her sons. Sacred sexuality and divine feminine rising. Role: Co-Founder. Guardian of sacred ceremony space. Coaching and integration. Sacred feminine circles. Sexuality. Personal journey:  My story, I guess, was similar to that…
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Alejandro Carbó
Archetype: Father who grounds and empowers. Ancient warrior. Role: Co-Founder. Spiritual “orchestra” conductor. Guardian of sacred ceremony space. Coaching and integration. My personal journey: I am deeply passionate about creating beauty. Passion is nothing but love turned into action, it is the fire that guide us towards expressing who we…
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Benjo Podlech
Archetype: Grounded tiger that pushes the limits to wake up the soul potential. Spiritual comedian. Creator of new versions. Role: 10 years of experience with plant medicines. Guardian and musician of sacred ceremony space. Psychology, Coaching and integration. Divine masculine circles. Personal journey: My mission in this life is to…
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Kieran Rùsland
Archetype: Peaceful warrior. Silent wisdom. New beginnings. Role: Guardian of sacred Ayahuasca ceremony space and musician. Sound healer. Spiritual integration. Coaching. Personal journey: My path to wholeness in this lifetime involved many trials, tribulations and heart breaks. Chief among them was escaping my upbringing within a damaging cultic group. At…
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Ecaterina Mihalcea
Archetype: Inner child. Feminine innocence. Role: Access Bars. Coaching. Visionary of healing methods. Guardian of sacred ceremony space. Personal journey: For many years I found myself wrapped in a net of inflicting thoughts, generating seas of emotions within. I’ve been told millions of ways in which things can deteriorate in…
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Carla Escobar
Archetype: Healer. Turns food and movement into healing energy. Role: Mindful Chef & Yoga/Meditation instructor. Personal journey: As many of you, I was raised in a society that idealizes the eternal pursuit of happiness as our life’s goal. For many yearsI went out to the world looking for happiness. I…
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Nessy Hafani
Archetype: Unconditional lover. Unites and connects people by flow and pure love. Role: Spiritual host. Guardian of sacred ceremony space. Healing massage therapist. Personal journey: I’ve always seen my life like a Disney movie, starting as an innocent little girl – playing and exploring, having an amazing loving family, feeling safe…
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Gabriel Sabou
Archetype: Noble altruist. Creativity and imagination. Role: Healing massage therapist with an extensive knowledge of osteopathy and quiromassage techniques. Personal journey: My encounter with Madre Ayahuasca has entirely transformed my life. A couple of years ago I was stuck in a continuous search for something more while at the same…
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Paul Arguelles
Archetype: Older brother. Protector with the biggest heart. Strong healthy masculine. Role: Shamanic Breathwork and Meditation. Personal journey: I come from a very sporty but also educated family. I have fought professionally around 30 times all around the world, most notably winning at Max Muay Thai tournament in Thailand and Kunlun…
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