Surrender & Ask for Help with Plant Medicines

The best advice I ever received when experiencing the healing power of sacred plant medicines is: surrender to the experience.

Surrender is often interpreted as a weakness. However, that’s only one way to use the word. Surrendering in this context means letting go of your resistance to the total openness of who you are. Letting go of the small sense of who you are and realizing the deep power of who you truly are. Surrendering means opening to love without limits.

Whenever there’s a difficult thought, emotion, feeling or physical discomfort—surrender. Simply saying, “I surrender” opens a path for healing. A posture of surrender allows you to loosen control and relax. Anxiety and fear can then melt away. This can be done silently by saying, “I surrender” to yourself in the experience of discomfort.

Another aspect of surrender is asking for help from others. When there’s something difficult occurring, ask those around you for help (provided you trust them to provide nurturing guidance).

Asking for help can often be difficult because our egos get in the way. There’s resistance to receiving help because the ego says, I can do this alone, I don’t need others. However, this block can hinder us from receiving the love that we need at the moment.

The simple desire to explore healing through plant medicines is a posture of surrender and a path to receiving healing help.

At Avalon, the team is well equipped and more than ready to provide assistance in your healing journey. All you have to do is ask. Join us in exploring the help that plant medicines can provide.

Much love to you.

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