The Collective Purge

collective purge

Humanity, along with Earth, is going through a collective purge. This is happening through our heart centres (volcanic eruptions for Earth). By surfacing of all the painful emotions, we have the opportunity to bring awareness to them and let them out of our systems.

Time has come to address the shadows within. Those who are not ready to address these shadows are going through the Dark Night of the Soul because the universe is forcing us to wake up. All the shadows that are suppressed within us are coming to Light.Time has come for humanity to go on a journey within. We can no longer fool ourselves by constantly looking outside for the answers and bypassing what’s going on within. When we are constantly looking outward for things to go back to “normal,” we are not accepting the inevitable change that is coming. Our systems of control are being shaken up. Fears will be present, if we deny the Truth of this reality.

Transformation is the fuel that keeps this universe growing and evolving. And the way this happens is through the destruction of the old for transition to the new. Right now is not the time to rush forward. It’s the time to reassess and re-evaluate our reality. Be completely rooted in the present moment and be easy on yourself through this transition.

When your energy changes, all your energetic agreements are going to change: health, friendships, relationships, career, etc. People who are not in resonance with the new energy will eventually fall away.

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice. Old ways of living won’t open new doors.

We are here, if you’d like someone to talk with.

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